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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  January 29, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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beautiful thing. >> unthinkable crime. 10-year-old boy sexually assaulted while just walking down the street. >> the attack shocking the local community and the molester is still on the loose tonight. >> police say man approached the 10-year-old boy on 98 avenue near em hurst park at 3:00 o'clock open tuesday. >> alan has the story. >> it happened in the 1100 block of 98 avenue just 3 block away from stone hurst elementary school. 10-year-old boy says he was lured off the street by a man and sexually assaulted in the area. happened on tuesday around 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon. >> now the distinctive feature is he has short salt and pepper hair and a beard full beard. >>reporter: police said slim
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latino man 40 to 50 years old 5 foot 7 unkempt and wearing brown leather jacket and dark pants. investigators comb through video from city camera installed here because of the high volume of crime. places asking anyone necessary this neighborhood to check the surveillance video to see if they caught the suspect on camera. he tough neighborhood. >> pretty tough. >>reporter: he runs a tune up shop murder victim on every corner of the block. including his own son whose case still unsolved but chilled sexual assault. >> sprays me. never heard of anything like that happening in this enabled. >> we don't have any information that would lead to us believe that this is not a credible. >> concern is that other children could be in danger but with the help of neighbors and technology investigators are hoping to make an arrest. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> new details tonight in the search for suspect who left human body parts near 11th and
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mission street in san francisco mission street in san francisco. police return to the neighborhood where a torso was found in a suitcase yesterday the to comb through garbage cans. human leg discovered last night in trash bin. police showed image of possible suspect taken from surveillance video to homeless people who spend a lot of time in the area. >> if it was like behind shot of him with hoodie on carrying a black backpack. emblem. logo in the middle of it. we all looked and all of us have not seen this guy. >> police say unmostly clear at this time if the body parts belong to one victim. >> san francisco fire investigators work to determine the cause of massive fire in the mission district yesterday the city and community are working to help victims those who lost their homes and businesses he we are life at mission and 22nd in. katie. >> streets are still closed here you can see police truck
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cruise to clean things up at this point. people might be able to get inside to see what is left tomorrow but this was a devastating fire. still tonight we learn the victim don't have to good through the recovery alone. this woman was eating at popeye when somebody came running in yelling the apartment was on fire. as a mom she first took the daughter across the street then headed back to danger zone. >> there was a fire upstairs and told everybody to get out and told them to get out because there was a fire. one person died after suffering a heart attack. red cross placed more than 2 dozen people in hotel room. 25 businesses damaged. >> scale of businesses that are affect entered terms of sheer number but particularly the impact on small business in this area. >>reporter: the city is holding a workshop friday morning at 10:30 at the mission police department to help business owners and employee get the assistance they need. if a bar across the street from the fire wants to help residents. on saturday 4 until
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cholesteroling half all proceed cholesteroling half all proceeds go to fire victim. >> we have always been a good neighborhood bar so she wanted to help out the victim people lost everything and so many kid involved. >> san francisco yawn fight school direct tells me 15 school able children are impacted by the fire. again sol east is one of them he was forced to drop his dog out window then jump himself. >> you don't think you just do. something you just do in the moment. >>reporter: fire department is investigating claims some fire escape were unusable and smoke alarms not working. in san francisco, tell abc 7 news. >> ebola patient in good condition tonight at uc davis medical center. doctors waiting for second round of test to determine if the person has actually contracted the deadly disease. patient was transferred from mercy general in sacramento this morning. hospital isn't saying how the patient might have been exposed to the virus. >> number of measles cases in
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the u.s. already higher in less than a month than the annual total of several recent years. cdc says it will likely get worse. arizona is tracking 1,000 people who might have been exposed to the virus and doctors worried superbowl visitors could be exposed. an infected person visited disneyland. 96 people now inaffected. disney is parent company of abc 7 news. >> alameda county sheriff's office says it has solved an 11-year-old cold case. 44 11-year-old cold case. 44-year-old larry fuller of red wad city charged with killing a man in brentwood back in 2004. victim shot the day before he was supposed to testify against fuller in grand theft case. deputy always suspected fuller but say it tack more than a decade to get enough evidence to charge him. >> drivers are already seeing changes on busy road in san jose where jogger died this week. on monday police believe two drivers were racing when
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the car lost control and went up on the sidewalk killing 24-year-old pablo. today police put up a temporary trailer that shows drivers the speed along the stretch of the yurba buena road interneeden wood drive. permanent sign like this has been ordered. >> music mogul knight accused in deadly hit-and-run. crash happened at promotional shoot for the movie straight out of compton this afternoon. knight lawyer says the clint was trying to escape attackers when he put cart in reverse and man over 2 men. man who died is a friend of knight. the other man surveyed. >> berkeley police need help tracking down a suspect who mugged an elderly man the day after christmas. police say the robber in the red sweatshirt right there in the surveillance video stole an i-phone from 83-year-old man injuring the victim in the process. happened on fourth street near first avenue. police believe the suspect took off in a silver audi with temporary plates. if you recognize this man call
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berkeley police. >> president obama is returning to the bay area this time to tackle cybersecurity. president will attend summit on cybersecurity and consumer protection act at stanford on february 13. meeting will bring together senior what it house leaders, local ceo and local law enforcement officials local law enforcement officials. they work on ways to protect the public and company from hackers. president will also attend at least one fundraising event in san francisco during the brief visit. >> detecting breast cancer early. next on 7 news. new wearable device being tested right here in the bay area and how it makes a breast cancer screening as easy as checking your smart phone. >> plus she may know how to get away with murder but one thing miss davis just can't seem to get. >> it's an out of this world picture. the special friends made their way in astronaut official nasa portrait. >> fog going to make for a dicey morning commute. let you know what is in store
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>> new technology revolutionize cancer screening is about to begin clinical trial in the bay area. rather than a mammogram or you will from sound this system can be used at home with potentially life saving information transmitted through a smart phone. for diane routine breast screening at el camino hospital in mount view was a life safer. doctors caught the cancer at very early stage and saved her breast. >> i was very lucky. i think because of the early detection. >>reporter: radiologist dr. >>reporter:
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radiologist dr. soiler says routine mammogram and self screening the best defense though many women don't always take advantage. >> in my experience it is hit or miss. some women are very consistent in doing breast exam at home and someone don't do them at all i often time get question from his women asking simply how do i do my breast exam. >>reporter: soon an experimental technology help thousands of women and doctors screen for breast cans intera new way. it's called the it bra. >> so you will be putting that on. so it's now centered over you. >>reporter: company ceo rob roy says the patches can be worn inside any normal bra. >> it's a wearable device with a number of sensors that check what happens with the pattern of heat change on the breast over time. >>reporter: he says the heat change correlate to the accelerated cell activity associated with breast tumor. results process using sophisticatedal go richlt and transmited to smart phone. >> wear the device for a few
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hours. this information is automatically communicateed to your physician. >>reporter: because the system is heat based developers believe it may also offer advantages for some women with dense breast tissue which can be more difficult to image using traditional mammogram. >> for all tissue we react about the same. >> clinical trial conducted at el camino hospital study the results object women wearing the device for different length of time. goal is to produce accurate readings in roughly 2 hours. ultimately making the system more convenient for women to use. >> ideal breast cancer screening test would catch the cancer when smaller and easier to treat. >> whether routine mammogram or at home screening cancer survivor diane believes any investment in early detection is worth the time. >> that is good to have that. very valuable l. >>reporter: if the trial is successful they hope to have the it bra on the market later
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this year. >> now coming up tomorrow night on 7 news at 11:00. it looks just like a dreet owes commercial. video has more than 11 million view on line this company has taken off like no other campaign we have done. >> find out why thousands of consumers now demanding big corporate snack food company change their ways. i'll have that story for you tomorrow night at 11:00 right after abc 2020. >> tgit returned tonight and packed with twist turn and plenty of drama. how to get away with murder viola davis tweeted live. >> the whole social media thing has been a bit slow to her. >> hears george from the sister station in l.a. >> sometimes i enjoy it. sometimes i don't. because i'm not hip witness. i have tweeted so many times open accident. >> tweeting may not her forte
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but her success is no accident. comes from talent and hard work. recent zag award winner relish her time with on screen law stunts in the first season of how to get away with murder. they in turn have been learning from a true acting master. >> she really sets the tone. once everyone gets on set it's this great place where we can all try things out. >> she's elevated herself to this crazy level of ability and fame but yet still this cool down to earth person. >> it has been so much fun. i feel like i have learned a lot. if. >> davis says she's learned just as much from her co-stars. >> everything. >> they are just having fun. with me i worry. i worry about everything. i worry so much that i don't take the time to understand that this is a moment in life that i have to embrace. this is great. >> just found out that my
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husband was sleeping with young woman killed and you have the audacity to come in hear and mock me. >> davis afforded great script week after week and she admits she likes those big scenes. >> i do. i do get excited about scenes leak. that because then i really condition do my work. you know. i can do my work as an artist. i can create something that is truth. >> you mean nothing to me. you just stop for one second. >> i'm done saving your ass. i'm done loving you get out of this house. >> i like being private in public. you know. i think that's what we do as artist. we take those private moments of moments you don't think one is watching you. no one is watching you at nature when you take off the make up and all. that and put it on the screen for people to watch. very exciting. >> she's fascinating. that was george reporting. >> even they tough for her miss davis did tweet autopsy storm tonight. >> she in job.
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>> lets talk about. tweeting about the weather all nature. >> always tweeting about the weather. she has the latest for us tonight. >> hi. >> always twaeingt is pretty much the key. here's a look at our web site. keep you informentd. we do have some fog that closed in along the coast. type of informing you expect to see in the summertime. half machine basics mile visibility down to 9 in oak land. petaluma dropped to 5 males. now here's what's going on in southern california. they are getting some light rain believe it or not. this is what we need instead. here's what we ended up with today. temperatures well above normal. record tied at sfo. 66 degrees. plenty of low 70's up in the north bay. santa rosa, san rafael east bay oakland 70 degrees. 74 in santa cruz now really beach weather in january. 56 san francisco. 68 livermore. concord 69. in fairfeld when you look at life picture from the east bay hills camera i tell you why you may have been sniffling. i know my allergy
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have really kicked up. this mild unseasonably warm weather partly to blame. pollen air quality forecast for tomorrow. moderate as far as the trees are concerned. particulate moderate as well don't have a strong breeze to clean out the air. low for all other years. uv index moderate. tomorrow morning temperatures will be dropping but not whole lot. right now in the 40's and 50's and here's what you are going to have to look out for. fog over san francisco from the sutro tower cam are. foggy in the morning. sprinkling for the weaned and hints of change at the end of next week. so this fog that is around right new it's not too thick bit is going to be dense for your morning commute. this morning when i actually took my kids to school i could barely see. that's what you encounter tomorrow morning. just be careful allow the extra time. high pressure system in command and that means we are going with the storm door remaining shut for the time being. show you the honk range forecast. next couple day in the weekend
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is dry we are fast forwarding all the way to february sixth saturday the seventh when we see an opportunity for some rape around here. we'll keep you posted in case things change. >> low 40's low 50's make sure you stay warm. fog around. that will slow you down tomorrow afternoon. 64 san francisco. 70 santa rosa fairfield 69 livermore 61 in half machine bay. cooler there because of the lingers because of the lingering low clouds. accu-weather 7 day forecast warmer on saturday a little bit of a dip on sunday and we keep it mild as we head towards next week of with 70's back on the board tuesday and wednesday and we are still waiting for the rain chance coming in the end of next week. >> all right hope to see. that thank you. >> coming up next on 7 news. is it a false alarm or something more sinister. >> patriots may
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>> this could be the coolest ever. leland work for nasa for a quarter century. he's also of course a dog lover. he had to have his 2 dog jake and scout. they go everywhere with him except space. superbowl sabotage or jaws badly timed malfunction. that's the question phoenix hotel is trying to answer after 2 false fire alarms went off where the praise staying. both alamb
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happen in the middle of the night 1 on tuesday the second at 2:00 a.m. today. so first we have deflate gate and now alarm gate. >> sabotage. >> or rob sneaking in after curfew. if stop the world. lynch has spoken. the scolding reporters. in the business of beast mode
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>> feels like magical season for the warriors and good time continue today with clay thompson named to the all star game. clay averaging 23 points a game. went off for 52 on friday night probably helped his cause. combination of a great jump shot and lock down defense has turned clay into the best all around shooting guard in the entire league. warriors will have two all stars in the game for the first
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time since chris and tim back in 1993. all star game played on february 15 in new york and now see if coach steve will decide the west and start clay along curry. kobe bryant can't play. college hoop tonight. student with half court hooev bank it in and then doing the the lean just as good as the shot. wallace pretty smooth himself with a lefty jumper to tie at 30. huge night. 26 points. 7 poured. cal snaps 6 game losing streak. st. mary's hosting loyola and we may be back in a drought but carter making it rain. 6 of 8 on 3 for 18 points and brad looking like a young omar. as bennett records the 300 career we know. they roll 17 and 4. shark play the first game since the all star break tonight. they look great. against the first
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place duck of anaheim. first period in the tank. wrong place wrong time because ryan fared a pass hit him in the face. helped off the ice but hockey player he came back. anaheim up one in the first. door step. it's a goal. 25th. second period. marlo deflect the shot past him. tenth of the year. 3-1 san jose. shark score 6 s. he lights the lamp and shark go on to victory 6-3. now to the nightly lynch portion of the program. the seahawks star did speak today as part of the superbowl obligation. whatever his intent lynch i don't want to talk routine is paying off. there's a pop up beast mode store in scottsdale and selling out of all beast mode hat and sweatshirt and apparel. you tube had skittle with 3 million
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view. bottom line every reluctant word is making him money. >> you all can go and make up whatever you want to make up because i don't say enough for you all to put anything out on me. i come to your event and you shove make phone and camera down my throat but when i'm at home in my environment i don't see you all but you are mad at me. if you ain't mad at me then what are you here for? >>reporter: i think i like it better when he doesn't speak. immediate why obligation are done for the week. >> thanks very much. >> 7 news does continue now on line and twitter and facebook and mobile device on our 7 news
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